16S bacterial community analysis

16S Bacterial Community Analysis

18S and ITS fungal and protozoan community analysis

18S and ITS Fungal and Protozoan Community Analysis



Single genome analysis

Single Genome Analysis

mBioInform aims to provide timely microbial bioinformatics services through the employment of full time and freelance bioinformaticians and scientific advisors. One of our principles is to push the standardization of data analysis within the field of high-throughput sequencing. We wish to perform standard packages for mature products as well as custom-tailored solutions to suit the needs of our clients. mBioInform offers a highly flexible staff of bioinformaticians and powerful computing resources for efficient analysis of large sequencing datasets that might not be otherwise available in your scientific group.


We are offering a PhD course “Amplicon based Microbial Community Analysis” (5 ECTs) from 6th – 11th June 2017 at mBioInform. For complete program and registration go to Courses [Only 1 spot left]